About the site’s creator

Greetings! I’m Gail. I am currently a member of the
work at home/virtual/remote job force. I enjoy it and never want to work in
another brick-and-mortar office building ever again!


I have worked with multiple virtual customer support companies as well as multiple entities that contract online gig workers to complete unique and interesting tasks. I won’t bother naming them here.

Nevertheless, I will say I have taken food orders, answered calls from
utility company customers, assisted users of a number of smartphone apps and internet-based services, but I have mostly worked with e-commerce clients. Once upon a time, I primarily performed phone support, but I have moved on to
processing email tickets and live chat support. As for the side gigs I’ve performed, I write it up in a post!


While I love not having a daily commute or having to maintain a work
wardrobe, these reasons are not what drove me to seek a work-at-home
job. Technically, I am physically disabled. Rarely will you hear me say
those words aloud. However, I have an auto-immune disease that limits
me from working a regular 40-hour week office job, forcing me to make a
living from home. So here I am!



I created The Work at Home Office for virtual and remote workers and
work at home employees and independent contractors like myself who have
to purchase and invest in office equipment to perform their jobs. From
my own work as well as my time hunting for a work at home jobs, I have
become familiar with current equipment requirements.


During my own search for equipment to purchase I found no authority on the issue nor a place to go for all of my needs. Customer support agents either need a landline phone or a USB headset to do their jobs – and sometimes both. I
ended up buying a USB headset from one major retailer and a dial pad
and headset from another. I had to dig around their sites and enter very
specific keywords to find what I was looking for.


It amazed me that neither of these retail giants was targeting consumers like me by providing sub-departments for the home office or even suggested items to
complement the items I was searching for. The virtual/work at home job
force is a growing target market. Many companies are moving away from
the brick-and-mortar set-up toward the virtual organization. We deserve to
be a keyword!


2020 Update: Now we are a keyword!


The Mission

I want to help people like me, who need to supply their home office. I
want to give guidance to the newbies to the virtual/work at home job
force. I also hope to help the non-phone support virtual workers, such
as virtual assistants and entrepreneurs who run their businesses from
home. My goal is to help those who have left the rat race (or just never
fit into the rat race to begin with) easily find the office equipment
and supplies they need without spending hours browsing and analyzing
online retailers for just the right product.


Of course, one can go to one of the big-name retailers to get home
office equipment and supplies. However, the whole process would be much
easier if there was a list of available choices all in one place and an
experienced work at home colleague to guide those choices. And that’s
why I’m here!


Virtually yours,




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