UNKU Overbed Desk / Table with Wheels Review

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Unku Overbed Desk

Features & Specs

Dimensions: Amazon listing = 55 x 17.7 x 21.6 inches; My personal measurements: 55 x 18 x 25.5 inches (including the 2” caster wheels, without the wooden rails on top)

Weight: 44.2 pounds

Color: Dark grain top and painted white metal frame

Height adjustable: 23 inches to 36 inches

Length adjustable: 61 inches to 90 inches

4 lockable  swivel caster wheels

Why I Bought It

I have physical limitations that have led me to choose a work at home career. My work at home journey has included learning how to earn a living in a non-traditional way as well as learning to build an office space that comfortably accommodates my physical needs.

Sitting in a non-reclining position for an extended amount of time is a painful experience for me. Soon after beginning my first work at home customer service job, I moved from working at my desk to working from my recliner. I used a lap desk to hold my laptop and mouse, and I was much more comfortable while taking calls. I was also able to work for a longer amount of time. I used this setup for over a year. Being able to work from my recliner has been a huge help to me. However, after some time, I began to want a more desktop space to be able to have more tools at my reach. 

I considered different options to get my ultimate work at home office setup with comfortable seating and plenty of desk space. To do so, I would have to utilize a desk or table in front of my recliner. Two issues made that setup difficult: (1) the height of my desk would cause me to reach up too far to type or use my mouse; (2) using the desk with my recliner would require the desk to be mobile, or have wheels, since the recliner could not be mobile. I thought about putting wheels on my desk, but even if I managed to do that successfully, adding wheels would only make it too high for me to use.

Since I wasn’t able to pull off my perfect office setup with my own desk and recliner, I began searching online for more options. When I began my online search, I had an idea of something similar to the rolling bed trays used in hospitals. I found all kinds of options. I’ll do a post on those options at a later date. Happily, my search led me to one of the greatest inventions ever made, the Overbed Desk with wheels!!!

Let Me Tell You About It

These desks are designed to be positioned over any size bed, up to a king, with the desk surface spanning the width of the bed horizontally. There is a caster wheel attached to each of the desk’s four legs that let the desk move vertically along the length of the bed. A rail along both sides and the back of the desk’s top surface prevents items from falling off the desk when it is in motion.

I found two styles of the overbed desk. The Tribesigns Overbed Table with Wheels and the UNKU Overbed Table Desk.

Ultimately, I decided to go with the UNKU Overbed Table because this model is adjustable in height and length, while the Tribesigns Overbed Desk is not. The UNKU model can expand from 61 inches to 90 inches long and from 23 inches to 36 inches high making it flexible in where and how it can be placed or positioned in your work at home office.

The UNKU Overbed Table is the crowning joy of my work at home office furniture. Its top surface measures
55 inches long and 18 inches wide without the included rail and 53 inches long and 15.5 inches. I elected to not attach the railing so that I could have more workspace. 

I have significantly more room on my overbed desk than any desk I have ever owned. I am able to place my laptop, phone, table, multiple other tools that I use frequently on my desk and still have space to write comfortably. In addition, I am able to extend my recliner and roll my desk up to me in order to perform my work. All of my office tools and supplies are in my reach. 

The desk’s metal frame makes it very durable. The caster wheels roll smoothly over the carpeting in my office. I never worry that the desk might tip over when I am moving it. Also, all four of the desk’s casters can be locked to ensure that the desk does not move when bumped or if you choose to use it as a stationary desk. 

Bonus feature: Both of the side rails have pre-drilled openings for easy access to the cables and cords connected to your electronics.

Where You Can Find It

I purchased my UNKU Overbed Desk on Amazon.com.

The Pros

I love that my desk is longer than a standard desk. And because of its metal frame, it is super sturdy. 

Most of all though, I love its mobility. When I am working and sitting in my recliner I can pull the desk over my lap and easily type and write. When I need to get up, I can easily push the desk away so that I rise from my recliner.

The adjustability of the overbed desk is one of its best features.

The Cons

If I were to make one design suggestion to the makers of the overbed desk, I would recommend some type of detachable storage that could be attached to the metal frame.

My one disappointing experience with the overbed desk is having to get a second person to help assemble it. There is no way that a single person can assemble it alone. Two people are also required to make any height or length adjustments.

Here’s What Others Think

*Always read the reviews before buying any new office furniture!

When I wrote this review, there were about 70 reviews on Amazon.com for the 1.4m UNKU Overbed Table Desk in Darl grain. I have shared a few of the reviews below. Please that there is also a 1.1m Dark grain model as well as 1.1m and 1.4 Light grain models in the same Amazon listing. 

UNKU Overbed Desk Customer Rating
Unku Overbed Desk Customer Review 1
Unku Overbed Desk Customer Review 2
Unku Overbed Desk Customer Review 3

Similar Desks

Here’s What I Think

I love the UNKU Overbed Desk! It has been a godsend and such a wonderful solution to making my work at home office a comfortable place to work. My office feels more traditional with the overbed desk. I am able to work longer and still remain physically unbothered.

There are many people who work at home due to physical limitations. I am pretty sure that they would benefit from having an overbed desk in their work at home office space or just to work from the comfort of their bed. Or they could use one of the similar desks that I have listed above. 

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