Work at Home Customer Service Support Jobs

Work at Home Customer Service Support Jobs (including 35+ employers that hire!)

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Historically, the huge growth in the work at home job market has primarily been driven by companies looking to decrease overhead costs. Doing away with brick and mortar call centers and, instead, having customer service workers answer calls from their home offices has helped many companies save a lot of money. Having a remote workforce has even become necessary for some companies.

Customer service and phone support jobs make up a great deal of all available work at home jobs. If you have any amount of call center experience, you might be highly sought after for one of these positions. Even without phone experience, as long as you have a pleasant and professional voice, you have a good chance of being hired.

In my own search for work at home jobs, I have come across numerous employers and work at home platforms that regularly hire remote workers to handle customer service phone calls. I have compiled a list of companies that hire for this type of position below.

Important information about Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

  • Many organizations do not hire their own remote customer service employees. Instead, they outsource the jobs to other companies that handle support for multiple clients. So a lot of the companies listed below hire employees to provide customer service for those clients.
  • All of the companies listed below offer phone-based positions. However, many also provide customer support through other channels, such as live chat, email, and social media, in addition to phone support.
  • Some phone support jobs involve responsibilities in addition to or other than customer service. You may be asked to sell services and/or products. There are also a number of positions that involve providing technical support where you would help callers troubleshoot a technological service or equipment.
  • Many companies offer full-time and-or part-time positions, and some offer seasonal or temporary positions.

Companies that Hire work at home customer service support workers

  1. Accolade Support
  2. ACD Direct
  3. Alorica at Home
  4. Amazon
  5. Arise
  6. Asurion
  7. Blooms Today
  8. Concentrix
  9. Conduent
  10. ContractWorld
  11. Direct Interactions
  12. Frontline
  13. Great Virtual Works
  14. KellyConnect
  15. LiveOps
  16. ModSquad
  17. NexRep
  18. OneSupport
  19. Sitel
  21. Sutherland
  22. Sykes
  23. TTech
  24. Transcom
  25. U-Haul
  26. VIPdesk Connect
  27. Wayfair
  28. Williams-Sonoma
  29. Working Solutions

Miscellaneous Phone-based jobs

Receptionist Positions

Chat and Email Support Jobs

Work at home phone support jobs are not difficult to find. I speak from my own experience. However, not everyone has a quiet environment in which to answer calls from home. For those people, work at home chat and email support jobs would likely be a better fit. Listings for positions that only involve chat and email support are not easy to find, though. There are two primary reasons for so few of these types of job posts:

While more and more retail businesses are offering chat and email as alternatives to having to make a phone call in order to contact their customer service department, the same customer service representatives that handle phone calls for those companies are the same representatives who answer live chats and emails from customers. More often than not, the different channels of customer support are not handled by separate departments. Therefore, a work at home customer service job listing is not always for an employee to handle only phone support but to provide chat and email support within the same position. Since multiple customer support channels can be serviced by a single customer support position, businesses do not commonly list positions for just chat or email support.

Like those that outsource their phone support needs, some businesses outsource their chat and email support needs to outside companies. Those companies usually have a collection of clients needing their services and hire workers to provide support for all their clients’ customer bases. I have not come across a lot of these organizations, but they do exist.



Some important things to note when considering applying for a work at home customer service job

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

  • Work at home jobs fall into two important categories. For many companies, you will be an actual employee once hired. You may be entitled to benefits and subject to all federal labor laws that regulate hours and pay.
  • For other companies, you will be an independent contractor. As a contractor, you are not entitled to benefits or overtime pay but you are also not restricted to working no more than 40 hours a week. Additionally, contractors are responsible for paying their own income taxes on the pay that they receive.

Location, Location, Location

  • The companies that I have included in this list usually do not hire from all 50 states. Please visit the company’s website to verify if your state is eligible. Also, some companies hire internationally in addition to hiring in the U.S.

Landline Phone Service

  • A phone support position may require you to have landline telephone service. That means you will need to have a phone that connects to a wall jack in your home or to a telephone modem from your telephone service provider.

Research the company

  • Before applying to a work at home company, visit or to read reviews from its current and past workers. These reviews give a lot of insight on hours, pay, and what it’s like to work for that company.

Get plugged in

  • Make sure that you are able to comply with any technological requirements for a job before you apply. Many companies require you to have your own computer and equipment, like a headset, as well as pay for your own high-speed internet and/or phone service.

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