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12 Companies that Will Pay You to Test Websites and Apps

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Have you ever visited a website and experienced difficulty finding the item or information you needed. Maybe you clicked on a link that took you to the wrong page. Perhaps you were ready to purchase that one item you really wanted but the shopping cart feature would not work right. Or maybe you’ve had a hard time with a smartphone app that would not load properly.

Businesses can potentially lose customers and money due to a website or app that doesn’t work as it should. Smart business owners submit their websites and apps for User Testing to get feedback on the design and functionality when they first launch them. However, in the tech world, websites, software, and apps receive updates on a regular which require user testing as well.

What is User Testing?

User testing, also called Usability Testing,  involves visiting a website or downloading an app or software program and performing common everyday tasks with it to make sure that it operates as you would expect it. User testing helps to find any problems like a link that doesn’t work or a page that takes too long to load. Companies seek out Testers who are regular users like you and me to test out the usability of their sites, apps, or software and provide feedback. 

What do Testers do?

To become a Tester, visit the sites listed below to sign up. Upon signing up, most testing companies ask you to complete a questionnaire to find out more about you so that you can be matched with testing opportunities. Often businesses are looking for people who fit certain categories such as age groups, occupations, household income, and many other types of demographic information. 

Very often, testing companies are looking for people who own certain devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. Website and app designers look for these qualifications to test out updates to make sure that any changes don’t affect functionality.

To participate in a test, testers download an extension on their web browser or a smartphone app that is able to record your voice and screen while you navigate. The tester is given tasks to complete and must voice their reactions and opinions while completing them.

A usability test may take around 20 minutes and users are paid for their time. A tester can make $3 -$10 on average. Some testing companies pay within a week of your test being accepted. 

I’m a Tester and I love it!

User testing is one of my personal side hustles. I prefer side hustles that I can do online or on my phone and testing fits me well! I can do it on my own schedule, and I enjoy learning about different websites, apps, and products. I can’t count on testing for regular income but it’s a great addition to my salary.

My favorite testing sites are User Testing. I’ve performed website testing and app testing with User Testing. Each test was fairly simple, and I was paid exactly one week after completing them. User Testing offers many testing opportunities on a daily basis – more than I’ve found on many of the other sites.

uTest offers more than just usability testing for websites and apps. You will also find projects for testing steaming devices, voice assistant devices, payment instruments, payment apps, subscription services, and a variety of other opportunities. These projects tend to pay better but also require more time to complete than most user testing tasks. uTest usually pays me for completed projects within 2 weeks.

Website Testing Tips

  • Make sure to complete the qualification and demographic questionnaire so that you can be matched with as many tests as possible. And Be Honest! 
  • Make sure to read over the testing requirements on each site listed below before signing up.
  • Open a PayPal account to receive your payments. It’s free! This form of payment is very common among testing companies.
  • Invest in a headset or pods. They can be wired or wireless. Most tests require your voice to be recorded for the test. While the microphone built in to your device is fine, a headset is better.
  • Invest in a decent webcam if your computer’s camera isn’t the best because some tests require a tester’s face to be recorded so that facial expressions can be observed as they navigate a website.
  • Sign up for test notifications – email and mobile – so that you don’t miss opportunities.
  • Check the website or app regularly for new opportunities.

User Testing Websites

Here is a list of the best companies that will pay you to test websites and apps.

BetaTesting (formerly ErliBird)    

  • Pays $10 or more per test. You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet for product development testing. Hardware product testing opportunities are also available. Pays via PayPal 7 days after the end of a project.


  • Pays between $2 – $10 per test. Tests take between 10 – 20 minutes. You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet for testing assignments. Pays via PayPal within 21 days of completing a test.


  • From the website: “See what real companies are working on right now and let them know what you think! You’ll be the first to get sneak peeks behind the screen.” Can test using a computer, tablet, or smartphone for testing. Pays via PayPal.

test IO  

  • Pays for reviewing apps or completing test cases, Can also earn money for finding bugs in a website or app. Pays monthly via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer.


  • Pays $10 per test. Tests last about 20 minutes. Pays via PayPal every Friday.


  • Pays $3 for each test. Tests last 5 – 15 minutes. Will need to complete a qualification test before being accepted. Pays via PayPal.


  • Will be completing design surveys. Most surveys pay 1-2 credits. One credit = $0.20. Pays via PayPal.


  • Pays $10 per test. Can use a computer or smartphone for testing. Tests last between 10 – 20 minutes. A sample test will need to be completed before being accepted. Pays via your choice of PayPal or Amazon gift card about one after completing a test.


  • Pays between $5 – $20 per test on average. You can use a computer or smartphone for testing. Pays via PayPal.

User Testing

  • Pays $10 per test. You can use a computer or smartphone or tablet for testing. Tests last about 20 minutes. A practice test will need to be completed. Pays via PayPal exactly 7 days after completing a website or app test.


  • Pays testers for submitting bugs, test cases, and usability tests. Provides free courses to get skills to qualify for different types of testing. Pays via PayPal and Payoneer twice a month. 


  • Pays $10 and up for each test. A sample test will need to be completed before being accepted. Pays via PayPal.

Final Thoughts

Testing websites and apps is one of my favorite ways to make extra cash. It is a wonderful side hustle for making money online. Testing is also easy and takes up little time. 

Try signing up for more than one company to maximize your ability to earn. You will likely find some companies are a better fit for you than others. You won’t get rich from doing user testing, but it is worth participating. In addition, you get to help out companies and business owners.

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